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He actually hasn’t been fired, I was just unable to reach him before my self-imposed 12:50 PM deadline for this article so I felt the need to bash him for some good fun.  Our Zach fan club can rejoice!

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Week 6 CFB Picks and Analysis

NOTE: Sorry this article is out so late!!!!  Due to TWO power outages at my home plus serious Wi-Fi issues I thought I had gotten it out but it failed to publish for some reason.  I also only picked three games in this article because my computer died this morning, and, you know, I thought I’d gotten it out! I will add my Washington-Oregon preview in a bit if everything works out. Sorry for the delay and the lack of picks.

Good morning, ladies and gentleman.  Welcome to another edition of only the greatest college football preview article of all time!

Hoo, boy.  Hurricane Matthew is a bad one.  Weather conditions have been and are going to be a serious problem for all games on the east coast this weekend.  It takes a lot for Florida to cancel a bout with LSU, but the Gators tossed in the towel as quickly as they could.  (More on this in a second)

College football will take a break as the country’s main focus this weekend and for good reason, but there is still some good games to be played.  We shall have a look at them, and go over all of the notable games with serious Matthew implications, but first, let’s go over last night’s action.

How about that Clemson game?  No one really expected Boston College to be able to give Clemson a run for their money, but it was still impressive.  The Tigers came in on an emotional high after their thrilling victory over Louisville and capitalized on it.  Deshaun Watson tossed 4 TDs and Clemson walked all over the helpless Eagles 56-10.

That wasn’t the only Top 25 matchup last night, either, as Boise State had a similar performance against New Mexico, whipping them 49-21 to remain unbeaten.

And let’s not forget about perhaps Friday’s most memorable action – in college football and all sports – came from this, a weird circumstance that involved Chad Kelly, a brawl, and a high school game.

(In case you were wondering, Mississippi does not in fact play this week.))
Yes, it was another eventful Friday in college football.

Before we move on, let’s go over my Guide to Matthew and which games where impacted by the nasty conditions that came with it.  Florida-LSU first, for obvious reasons.

You see, that Florida game – or, for a better term, the lack thereof – presents a serious obstacle for the SEC.

If that Florida-LSU game is never played, than both teams’ winning percentages will be boosted.  If both remain in the SEC championship hunt, one can only imagine the controversy that will ensue.

When could it be played?  Well, the teams don’t share a bye week, so the most logical date would be November 19th, when Florida does not play and LSU plays South Alabama.  This would be a problem for two reasons:

  1. LSU would owe South Alabama $1.5 million buckaroos.
  2. LSU-South Alabama would be a heck of a game!


  • South Alabama record vs Power 5 teams this season: 1-0
  • South Alabama record vs ranked teams this season: 1-0
  • South Alabama record vs other teams this season: 1-2
  • That other South Alabama win: Nicholls State, 41-40
  • What to make of South Alabama: They beat the good ones and lose to the bad ones
  • What to make of this article: Go read something else

You see yet again, South Alabama and LSU must be played.  Who cares about a crucial SEC battle that would spark serious and, even worse, reasonable controversy if it were not to be played?!?  South Alabama is making a convincing case that they are the greatest and the worst football team of all time.  You can’t make this stuff up, people.  SAU.  LSU.  Must.  Be.  Played.

I am about to change history forever – I hereby dub South Alabama, ladies and gentleman, as the new “Bama.”   Alabama is boring. For a team to be the best and the worst at the same time, well, that deserves some proper recognition.

(Collective gasp!)

I can practically hear the conversations!

“Oh my gosh, we play Bama next week!”

“But…… You already played Alabama.”

“No, not that Bama.”

“Is there another “Bama”?

“Yes, there is another Bama.  It’s the most hated and historic program of all time.  How could you be so silly?!”

“Dale, I think you’ve lost your mind.  Which other Alabama is there?!?”

“South Alabama!  Ohhh, the HATRED!”

“Oh, I hate them too.”


“Because they beat my really good favorite team a week after getting blown out by Georgia State!”

All hail Bama.

Before we fly off track again, let’s check in on the other notable games affected by Matthew:

  • Georgia at South Carolina  This was one of the two games moved to Sunday by the hurricane.  It will be played at 2:30.
  • Virginia Tech at UNC  Matthew will make its presence known this afternoon at Chapel Hill but the game will be played.  It will be interesting to see how these teams perform in a slugfest.
  • Florida State at Miami  The hurricane will be wreaking havoc elsewhere tonight so this game will be played with little to no rain expected.  While the game isn’t affected, the teams will lend a helping hand to areas that were and both donate $50,000 towards hurricane relief.  They will also wear Red Cross stickers on their helmets.
  • Notre Dame at NC State  Same story as the UNC game; it’ll be played (you can find it live on ABC) but the conditions will not be superb.

Everyone stay safe and dry as possible out there today!

Alrighty, let’s get to the picks.


23 Florida State @ 10 Miami (8 PM, ABC) Line: Miami -3 

It’s a much different story than usual in this rivalry.  Miami comes in with Playoff aspirations, while Florida State limps to Hard Rock Stadium 3-2 with a struggling defense.

Nevertheless, it’s tough to pick a side in this one.  As good as Miami looks on both sides of the ball, this is their first true test.

Florida State’s defense has been far from the unit it was expected to be this season, and containing Miami QB Brad Kaaya and Miami running backs Joseph Yearby and Mark Walton will be yet another tough test for it.  It’s almost a shame for FSU that at least some rain won’t fall, as anything to hinder Kaaya’s accuracy would have been a plus for the Noles.

How well Miami’s defense will hold up is the big question.  The U has looked tough but hasn’t played anybody yet.  We get to find out very quickly whether or not Miami’s defense is for real as it will face one of the premier running backs in the sport in Dalvin Cook and one of the more talented gunslingers in Deondre Francois.

Both teams have much to play for tonight but more is on the line for Miami.  The country’s assessment of them will hinge on this game.  This is a huge opportunity for the Canes to prove they are meant to be taken seriously.  Miami also looks to end their six-game losing streak in this rivalry.

We don’t know much about Miami but we do know a whole lot about Florida State: Talent-wise they are up there with anybody, but they aren’t in the right place as a team right now to fend off hot and confident Miami on the road.  PICK: Miami 41-38


25 Virginia Tech @ 17 North Carolina (3:30 PM, ABC/ESPN2) Line: VT -1

Boy, what a day for the ACC Coastal.  No one thinks much of the “other” guys in the ACC (the ACC Atlantic winner has won the ACC championship game for 5 consecutive years now) but the division will be very much involved in the impactful action today.  Along with the Florida State-Miami bout, this is one of the more underrated games of the weekend.

There will be rain to spoil the fun, though.  Oh, there will be rain.

All the better for VT’s stifling run defense, which only gives up 113 yards per game.  UNC will need to get into a rhythm on the ground in this one, something that is easier said than done for the pass-happy Tar Heels.  And if the brutal weather lets up some and allows UNC to utilize their stacked receiving corps, Virginia Tech could have an answer for that as well as they have a deep and experienced secondary.

The Hokies’ new coach, Justin Fuente, has brought offensive prominence back to Blacksburg as well.  QB Jerod Evans is having the best season you haven’t heard of, emerging as one of the more efficient passers in the conference.

UNC heads back to Chapel Hill coming off of a last-second field goal by kicker Nick Weiler that sealed a thrilling upset victory over Florida State (their second nail-biting win in their past two games) so look for a the Tar Heels to ride on a wave of confidence.   If Virginia Tech can avoid turning the ball over, however, this one could very well go to the Hokies.  PICK: Virginia Tech 21-17

1 Alabama @ 16 Arkansas (7 PM, ESPN) Line: Alabama -14

Welcome to “that” stretch of the schedule, Alabama.  It’s about to get real.

Including this game, the top-ranked Tide will play three consecutive Top-20 teams, as well as arch rival LSU following. that.  It’s a good thing Bama is looking more and more unbeatable by the game.

Don’t start thinking that Arkansas doesn’t pose a threat to the Tide, though.  Physically, this is one of the tougher teams in the country.

The Razorbacks will still need QB Austin Allen to deliver another efficient performance if they look to pull off the upset here, a task that will be near-impossible if the Hogs can’t hold off Alabama’s nation’s-best pass rush.  It will also be key for Arkansas to ensure that Alabama’s explosive offense is kept intact early on, because if their loss to Texas A&M two weeks ago was any indication, it’s tough to recover from quick scoring drives to open the game.

Arkansas matches up well with the Tide, and has kept it extremely close in the past two meetings, but if Alabama is to lose this season, I don’t see today being the day. It should be closer than people think but I like the more complete and balanced Tide in this one. PICK: Alabama 35-27






It is I, the Picks King! (Noahsports team picks NFL Week 2!)

That’s right, ladies and gents!  I am the Picks King.  You see, I’ve changed my mind.  Say goodbye to the Noah of before, the Noah that couldn’t pick a game to save his life.  Say hello to the Noah of now, the Noah that picked only 5 games wrong last week!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know.  It’s not that great.  But I am in the lead after the first week of Noahsports team picks.

So before I destroy everyone else again this week I must announce the future plans for this series.  As you may know, last week I said that I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a weekly thing because I didn’t know if I could get a new guest writer each Sunday.  Well, it turns out I don’t need one.  Conor, under a guestwritership (not a thing but who cares) has joined the Noahsports team for good!  Everybody give him a big hand.

If you didn’t, I can understand.  He had a little bit of good luck and ended up threatening I, the Pick King’s, spot on the throne.  Again, how dare he?  DOESN’T HE KNOW THAT THE THRONE IS MINE?!?

Nah, but seriously.  Welcome aboard, Mr. Burke!  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks to my official writers Nate and Zach for their contributions as well!

The four of us will be publishing this article once a week, so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe.

Alrighty here we have our picks for Week 2:

Revenge of the Picks King! (Picks and Analysis is back!)

Top of the morning to ya, laddies!

Perhaps ye didn’t think it possible, but college football is BACK with a slate that is almost – but not quite – as stacked as that of the infamous Week Of The Century.  In fact, it is so loaded with playoff implications it needs a name.  To help it secure a spot in the history books, you know?  Hmmmm.  How about: “Noah is tired as heck so please excuse him this morning.”

That’s correct, ladies and gents.  The Picks King (see tomorrow’s article for an explanation on my new dubbing) can never rest.  It is 7 in zee morning right now, which is like 5 in the morning to us homeschoolers, so please excuse all of the a) bad jokes, b) excessively referring to you guys as “folks” or “ladies and gents” or whatever, and c) typos that are sure to be the result of me waking up an hour and a half ahead of schedule.

I’m practicing, you see.  If I can’t get my site’s signature article out by Saturday of next week, I am going to have to get up at like 5:30 AM because I’m off to the beach later that day.  Well, actually, let’s not do that.  Wait, what?

Might as well start to write about football before I fly off topic again.    So yeah.  Let’s put our heads together and conjure a deserving name for this week’s slate of games.

Ahhhh, I got it.

“The Week Of The Century: Everybody Goes On The Road This Time Edition.”

Does that not get you PSYCHED OUT OF YOUR SOCKS?  Then you, my friend, are….. Are probably not tired and are thinking completely straight.

Nah, I’m just kidding, you guys.  I did this every Saturday morning last year.  I can take it.

I hope.

Righty-o, enough of that.  We have no time to waste!  “The Week Of The Century: Everybody Goes On The Road This Time Edition” is about to go DOWN!

(Note: Rankings are AP rankings.)

(SU=Straight Up, or simply my pick to win the game; ATS=Against The Spread. For example, say a team was favored to win by 5 or more, and they won by 6, they would have won Against The Spread.)


2 Florida State @ 10 Louisville (Sat, Noon, ABC) Line: FSU 1.0  No question to me that this is the game of the week.  Louisville has a chance to prove that they have just as good of a shot at winning the ACC as heavyweights Clemson and the Seminoles themselves, while FSU is presented with a challenge for the ages on the road with serious playoff implications on the line.

Louisville will be very much aware that the country will be sizing them up today.  Yes, they stomped all over Charlotte and Syracuse, but those opponents were clearly not on the level of Florida State’s.  Louisville skeptics are wary of just how potent the Cards’ offense would be against a quality defense, so this is a great chance for the Cards to silence them.

Regardless of who he’s facing, containing superstar Louisville QB Lamar Jackson is a task for the ages, and especially so for the dinged-up FSU defense.  Due to injuries, they will be without S Derwin James and possibly without DE Josh Sweat.  Jackson has been unstoppable in his first two games, so FSU’s D must step up around the absence of their two stars if they are to limit him today.  Constantly applying pressure to Jackson will be the key to doing that, although FSU’s D-line takes a hit if Sweat is unable to perform.

The Cardinals defense isn’t perfect either, so FSU QB Deondre Francois and TB Dalvin Cook have an opportunity to do some damage as well.  Cook must not be allowed to rip up the Cardinals’ D as he did in last season’s matchup, when he rushed for 163 yards and 2 scores.  A backfield playmaker of Cook’s talent – or a backfield playmaker at all – is not something Louisville has seen yet in 2016.

Nevertheless, the key to this game will almost certainly be Lamar Jackson.  Jackson, who has already amassed over 1,000 total yards, is the early Heisman favorite.  If he is comfortable, Louisville’s offense is downright dangerous, and bordering on unstoppable.

However much of a challenge FSU’s experienced and loaded offensive attack brings to their defense, Louisville has two things going for them that FSU doesn’t have: 1) Lamar Jackson and 2) big-time home-field advantage.  Francois has never played a game this big and has never played a true road game.  Louisville also has an opportunity this season that they might never get again.  I say Louisville jumps all over their chance to gain national respect as a football program and walks out of the stadium as serious playoff contenders.   PICK: Louisville 45-35  ATS: Louisville


3 Ohio State @ 14 Oklahoma (Sat, 7:30 PM, FOX) Line: Ohio State 1.0  Well, would you have a look at Oklahoma.  Two weeks removed from a loss that moved the Sooners to the brink of playoff extinction, Oklahoma has a golden opportunity to jump right back in it.

In one of the scheduling dandies of, like, all-time, OSU and Oklahoma will take the field today with everything on the line.  It’s a must-win for both teams, but for Oklahoma it could be a little bit more.

Either way, it will be a pressure-filled situation.  It’s not every day you see two teams with this much history and tradition surrounding them meet up in a non-conference game.

For Oklahoma to rise to the occasion, questions about the Sooners’ offense must be answered early.  Defenses know that QB Baker Mayfield’s lack of go-to targets makes him vulnerable to turnovers, despite how good of a decision-maker he is, so expect some heavy pass rushing from the Buckeyes.  The key will probably be to get OU’s RB tandem of Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine, simply as good as they get when it comes to RB tandems, involved as much as possible.  Ohio State has one of the best defenses in the nation, but the run game will still be the way to go for OU unless someone steps up.

Ohio State always comes to play on the road – they are 18-0 under Urban Meyer – and even if Oklahoma is their toughest away-from-home test yet under the coach, they are the more complete team.  I say that their ball-hawking secondary wreaks some havoc and Oklahoma’s lack of targets results in them coming up just short in this one.  PICK: Ohio State 38-35  ATS: Ohio State

1 Alabama @ 19 Mississippi (Sat, 3:30 PM, CBS) Line: Alabama 10.5  Can Mississippi stretch their win streak in the annual early-season matchup between these two programs to 3 games?  It sounds crazy, but Mississippi has been a major thorn in Alabama’s side in the past two seasons.

Alabama and their nation’s-best defense look to end that streak.  They have allowed only 16 points this season, with 6 of those coming from USC, viewed as one of the country’s better teams before the loss.  They’ll face a tough test this afternoon, however, as they match up against Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly, one of the better QBs in the country.  Kelly tore them up last season, but Alabama looks more prepared for the gunslinger this year.

It’s hard to beat Alabama twice, but it’s near impossible to beat them three times.  Alabama knows what to expect from Kelly this time around.  Ole Miss is not a bad team, but they aren’t good enough and deep enough to surprise Alabama once again.  PICK: Alabama 41-17 ATS: Alabama

Pittsburgh @ Oklahoma State (Sat, 3:30 PM, ESPN) Line: OK State 3.5  This game is very intriguing, as I think the entire country will be curious to see how Oklahoma State will respond to last week’s “loss” against lowly Central Michigan.  In case you missed it, CMU downed the Pokes on a no-time-remaining Hail Mary/lateral play that, under football rules, should not have been attempted.   The referees incorrectly granted CMU with an untimed down, meaning that Oklahoma State legally won the game.

The controversy surrounding that game has put a dark cloud over Oklahoma State’s season.  When or if that cloud will go away is a big question.

Oklahoma State must rebound quickly, however, as they play host to a Pittsburgh team coming off of a big win over renewed rival Penn State.

If there’s something to watch for here that isn’t the emotional response of OSU, it’s James Conner vs. the Cowboys’ run D.  Conner’s return to football has gone smoothly so far, but the Cowboys are one of the Big 12’s better run-stuffing teams.

I like Pitt in this one, mainly because I have no idea what to expect from Oklahoma State.  I also think that Pitt wins the battle of the turnovers, something that will be very pivotal to winning this game as both teams force a lot of them.  PICK: Pitt 24-20  ATS: Pitt

12 Michigan State @ 18 Notre Dame (Sat, 7:30 PM, NBC) Line: ND 7.0  It’s hard to know what to expect from Michigan State.  They did not look too strong in their only contest so far this season, which was against Furman.  And now they are thrown into the fire on the road against Notre Dame.

The good news is they know what they’re getting from their tough defense.  The same can not be said for Notre Dame, who raised eyebrows by giving up 50 points two weeks ago.  The Irish looked much better against Nevada, however.

Notre Dame is in a similar situation to that of Oklahoma’s.  They must go undefeated from here on out if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Michigan State is as hard to put away as anybody, but I’m looking for Deshone Kizer and the Irish to attack MSU’s issues containing the big play and escape with a win.  PICK: Notre Dame 28-24  ATS: Michigan State

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to stay tuned on Noahsports for more college football updates!